Bitcoin Resources Changelog


  • Add podcast episodes:
    • SLP #151 with Trace Mayer
    • BRF #16 with Hass McCook
    • TFTC #7 with Matt Corallo
    • TFTC #85 with Paranoid Bull
    • TFTC #89 with Bitcoin TINA and Alpha Zeta
  • Add curation: Crypto Words by Joe Rodgers


  • Add curation: WTF Happened in 1971
  • Add podcast episode: TFTC 107 with American Hodl
  • Add podcast episode: Bitcoin Rapid Fire 21 with Vortex
  • Add podcast episode: TFTC 99 with Raoul Pal


  • Add book: Bitcoin, Sovereignty through mathematics by Knut Svanholm
  • Re-order podcast list
  • Add article: How Lightning Layers Privacy on Top of Bitcoin by Aaron van Wirdum
  • Add article: Dandelions, and a Bright Future for Bitcoin Privacy by Guy Swann
  • Add article: It’s the settlement assurances, stupid by Nic Carter


  • Add article section: A Social Revolution
  • A most peaceful revolution by Nic Carter
  • Add books by Nassim Taleb:
    • The Black Swan
    • Skin in the Game
    • Fooled by Randomness
    • Antifragile
    • The Bed of Procrustes
  • Add podcast: Bitcoin Rapid-Fire with John Vallis
  • Add episode: BRF #12 with Yan Pritzker


  • Add book: The Little Bitcoin Book
  • Add podcast episode: WBD #49 with Peter Van Valkenburg


  • Add Gradually, Then Suddenly by Parker Lewis
  • Add Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy by Parker Lewis
  • Add Bitcoin Can’t Be Copied by Parker Lewis
  • Add Bitcoin Is Not Too Volatile by Parker Lewis
  • Add Bitcoin Is Not Too Slow by Parker Lewis
  • Add Digital Cash & Privacy by Hal Finney
  • Add The Case for Privacy by David D. Friedman
  • Add Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom by Alex Gladstein
  • Add link to Bitcoin Publications and Talks by Adaptive Capital


  • Move code to
  • New home:
  • Minor fixes, layout changes, and orange is the new blue
  • Add Proof of Life by Gigi


  • Add podcast: Did You Know Crypto by Dustin D.
  • Add article: Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value — and That’s Great by Conner Brown
  • Add podcast episode: C&G #35 with Jameson Lopp
  • Add podcast episode: TIP #252 with Trace Mayer
  • Add podcast episode: Hidden Forces #75 with Pierre Rochard


  • Add Unhashed podcast with Ruben Somsen, Mario Gibney, Bryan Aulds, and Colin Aulds
  • Add featured episodes of the Cryptoconomy podcast curated by Infominer


  • Add OTC 126 with Misir Mahmudov


  • Add The Complete Satoshi by Phil Champagne
  • Add open-source version of Grokking Bitcoin by Kalle Rosenbaum


  • Add Bitcoin Governance by Pierre Rochard
  • Add Nobody Understands Bitcoin (And That’s OK) by Jameson Lopp